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What’s the best juice extractor to stay hydrated in the summer?

When the sunny days approach, it is important to maintain a rich, balanced and varied diet, as well as good hydration to stay in excellent health. High-performance juice extractors make it easy to provide our body with a good dose of hydration, vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients essential for its proper functioning.

To stay in shape this summer, it is therefore normal to wonder which is the best juice extractor on the market, the one which extracts the juice the best from the fruits, the most complete and which remains good value for money.

Juice extractor: selection criteria

There are all kinds of juice extractors, but if you want the most efficient, here are the criteria retained by our team:

The horizontal juice extractor, of course electric, is the best choice if you want to extract juice especially from vegetables and very fibrous foods, and also from all types of fruits. So this is a great type of device for those interested in a multi-function extractor, capable of transforming into a food processor if needed. In addition to fresh fruit and vegetable juices, you can use this device to make sorbets, vegetable milk, baby food, peanut butter and other gourmet recipes!

The only downside is that they take up a bit more space in the kitchen than a vertical extractor.

Finally, your device must have a good power at the level of the motor, a good speed of rotation and a good output, this to extract the juice in the best way from the fruits and to avoid any operating problem.

Angel: the best brand of juice extractors?

When it comes to overall quality, performance and features it’s hard to beat the Angel brand, let’s see why:

First, with its unique luxury appearance, the Angel Juicer will not go unnoticed in your kitchen. The horizontal type device is two-speed and is made entirely of high quality stainless steel. This point is very important for the quality of the operation in the short and long term. Angel is also a patented juice extraction system: 3 stages by a double screw system, which guarantees many operating modes. A high-performance motor drives an ideal operating speed. The juice from fruits and vegetables is extracted slowly, which ensures optimum yield. Enough to make delicious juices all year round without worries and for the whole family (and friends)!

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