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What are the solutions for storing your furniture?

When moving or traveling abroad, it may be necessary to find a solution to store your personal belongings: furniture, knick-knacks, family souvenirs and crockery can thus be placed in storage solutions near you. Between self-storage, common cellars and boxes for rent, here is an overview of the possibilities available to you.

Why choose to store your furniture in a self-storage service?

This new generation storage unit has many practical advantages that will be particularly suitable for students as well as large families.

How does self-storage work?

It is simply a matter of renting storage space, in the form of a box, in a storage unit near you. Unlike the classic storage unit, the details of which we will detail below, the self-storage space remains accessible throughout the year. You will be able to store your personal possessions there while having access to them within predefined time slots.

Of course, prices fluctuate depending on the location chosen, as well as the size of the box in question. It is therefore recommended to carry out a price comparison before making your final choice.

What are the advantages of this system?

As a temporary or long-term solution, storing your goods in a rental box known as “self-storage” is the ideal option for storing your material possessions with complete peace of mind. It is also one of the most popular storage solutions in Paris , thanks to its practicality as well as its many possibilities of customization.

Self-storage thus includes several major advantages:

  • Its geographical location close to you;
  • The possibility of choosing the size of the box;
  • The security of your personal effects guaranteed;
  • The ability to easily access the content of your box.

What are the other possible storage solutions?

Apart from self-storage, you can also choose other options depending on your budget and your geographic location.

Collaborative storage

This involves renting a cellar or a room to individuals in order to store your personal effects in exchange for financial compensation. This method is particularly used in large cities, because it allows individuals to supplement their income by renting storage space in their home. It is also a solution that is often less expensive than renting a space in a traditional storage unit.

However, caution is in order: the security of your property is not guaranteed, and you risk becoming the unfortunate victim of a scam. If you still want to choose this storage solution, it is strongly recommended that you check the seriousness of the individuals offering to rent one of the rooms in their home, by meeting them in person several times before making your decision.

The traditional storage unit

In this case, it is a very classic solution to the furniture storage needs of individuals. The principle of the traditional storage unit is very simple: in exchange for rent, you have a predetermined space to store your personal effects. Once your things are stored in your box, it is sealed in front of you, in order to prove its security to you.

This solution is very similar to self-storage, although in the case of storage, it is impossible to access your belongings once the door of your box has been sealed. It is therefore a very practical solution for storing furniture during a move or during a trip. On the contrary, if you need to regularly look for personal effects in the box, it is strongly recommended to direct your choice towards the self-storage solution.

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