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Vintage trend: how to decorate your interior brilliantly?

Vintage decoration is more and more trendy in recent years. But before thinking about furnishing your house in a vintage style, you have to want to do it methodically, to avoid finding your house full of dust-catching objects without aesthetic value, and also to avoid making bad combinations with it. the other elements of your interior.

Today we are giving you some tips to make your decor a success with a vintage atmosphere and create a living space that looks like you.

What is vintage style?

The vintage style is to find atmospheres, know-how and emotions through furniture and decoration that evokes the spirit of an older era. Vintage decor has become very popular: in trendy restaurants and luxury interiors, in starred hotels, design galleries, designer houses, in short, it can be found everywhere. Flea markets and specialized stores, in physical or online, are the places frequented by vintage lovers.

The effect sought by vintage furniture is the nostalgia that rediscovers iconic objects and furniture, and the “cool”, trendy and elegant atmosphere that follows.

Reasons to love vintage interior design

When it comes to interior design, there is always something you can change to make things better and to make your vintage decor a success , whether it’s a new or old house. Vintage interior design has become so popular these days due to its uniqueness as it includes a multitude of breathtaking ideas and inspirations. Here are the top reasons why you should love retro.

  1. Superior quality and a great investment
    Unlike ordinary furniture today, objects of the past are still of high quality, ensuring they will last virtually a lifetime. Antique furniture, for example, is usually heavy because it is made from quality wood, making it a worthwhile investment. Old items also have a high resale value.
  2. Helps Tell a Story 
    One of the factors that makes vintage pieces amazing is that they have a sense of history, even in the way they look. Thus, passing them on to other people allows the story to continue for generations. Some can also be used to tell a personal story, especially if you bought them a long time ago and have lived in different places. Old pieces are therefore more than decorations. They are unique pieces of history that help permeate everything in your home and tell stories from a collective past.
  3. Antiques never go out of style
  4. It is very unique
    Vintage interior design allows you to have a unique home that sticks to your personality and makes you stand out from all the others. In addition, there are so many antique items that you can find, giving you a huge variety to choose from. Thus, you can opt for pieces that you have not seen at your friends’ house, which allows your home to be more original.

Furniture in vintage style: what is it, how to recognize it, where to find it

Authentic retro furniture should be at least twenty years old, so you won’t find it in contemporary furniture stores, but in specialty stores or even online.

Otherwise, for a more limited budget and a much more varied offer, there are many trendy vintage style (but not period) objects that will give your interior that sought-after class and charming side. A very good idea, if you don’t know where to start, is to buy small, simple decorative items like posters, metal plaques, a clock …

In general, when you choose a vintage object, pay attention to its general quality, its aesthetics, its materials, the paint, the possible presence of fractures, imperfections which are not necessarily defects in themselves, but which can bring -be an appreciable aging effect.

Furnish your house in a vintage style

The first rule to follow if you want to furnish a house in a vintage style is to prepare yourself to mix atmosphere of the past and atmosphere of the present in the best way. Blending, in fact, guarantees contrast and, when done right, highlights your entire apartment or house, as well as individual elements. A general rule of thumb is that each room must add value to the whole and must have enough space: especially be careful not to fuel chaos in your home, and turn your home into a junk shop!

You can tune a corner of your interior to each reference period and avoid superimposing objects from periods that are too different from each other. The background of your decoration must remain homogeneous: everything must have a meaning and not be placed at random or simply because you like this or that object.

Cabinets, sideboards, tables, bookcases, shelves and other furniture will form the main part of your decoration, please do not choose in exaggerated quantities. To decorate it all a bit nicely, wallpapers, posters and furnishing accessories are the best way to recreate a harmonious and calming living space, in accordance with the style you have chosen.

To conclude, give free rein to the imagination, mix the different styles, go hunting in a flea market, search the websites and still take the time to think about the atmosphere you want to bring to your interior., Without ever neglect your comfort!

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