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The ideal kitchen? An equipped kitchen of course!

The kitchen is probably the most important room in the house. It’s not just the place where you cook, but also the place where you eat, have a good time, and have important conversations. The trend is for change, and if you dream of another cuisine, why wait? So think carefully not only about how you want your kitchen to look, but also how to use it.

Your future kitchen must absolutely be a comfortable, functional and beautiful fitted kitchen: start saying goodbye to your old bland, neglected and impersonal kitchen!

What criteria should be taken into account for your fitted kitchen?

First, consider how to make the most of the space you are planning and how you want to use and optimize it. Let your imagination play and your dreams to express themselves, take the time to define the style that inspires you the most by directing you to specialists in equipped kitchens and who will accompany you in your project. Choosing a Schmidt Kitchen, for example, means choosing a safe and reliable value for easy and trouble-free installation. Designer kitchen? Contemporary, modern or rustic, kitchen with island, open kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, L-shaped kitchen or long kitchen, customizable, made to measure? Why get lost all over the place when you have everything in the same store?

Don’t overlook any aspect, if for example you need leeway the open plan might be the best, or if you have a small kitchen you will surely need some extra storage solutions.
You should also consider if you cook a lot, in which case a large oven and plenty of counter space are essential, as is utensil storage. You can also add additional kitchen accessories, such as drawers or built-in appliances. Appliances, meanwhile, must be of quality, efficient and must adapt to the kitchen model you have chosen.

The choice of materials for the splashbacks and worktops is also essential. There are the tops in laminate, in wood (more delicate, but very elegant), quartz (very trendy!) In ceramic (great resistance to heat and humidity) and in stainless steel, timeless and timeless.

An equipped kitchen that will be the pride of all

Now is the time for tutorials, for sharing recipes or experiences on the net, isn’t it? If you like to show off your everyday life, a perfectly equipped, perfectly appointed and fashionable kitchen is an important aspect when posting photos or videos on social networks. It is so much nicer to receive compliments, and to be proud of your equipped kitchen. She accompanies you in this great adventure which promotes social interactions.
Also, how many people will be using your kitchen on a regular basis? In addition to the gastronomic side, sharing a coffee and a meal is the perfect opportunity to keep in touch or to discuss major topics among yourselves. Don’t neglect the number of seats and if you’re the reception type, you’ll definitely need an open-plan setup. If you have children or receive visits from other children, it is a good idea to choose surfaces that are easy to clean and make sure there is enough storage or closet space on the floor. to avoid accidents.

Finally, we are aware that comfort and harmony improve our quality of life, so isn’t it time to feel comfortable in a fully equipped kitchen?

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