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The garden box to efficiently organize your outdoor area

The beautiful days are coming… and if you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a terrace, a garden, or even a balcony, you know how important the optimization of this space is. An outdoor corner can be the opportunity to have breakfast in the open air, take the time to breathe, do a Yoga session, or simply enjoy a little piece of nature in the heart of the city. This place will also be useful for drying laundry, making a mini vegetable garden, organizing barbecue days, or even making composting.

Depending on the use of your exterior, the organization of the space will have to adapt. Be careful not to turn your haven of peace into a storage room unsuitable for any activity. To avoid this, here are some simple storage tips.

Opt for designer and practical furniture

1. Garden chests: perfect for storing your accessories.  Garden chests allow you to efficiently store many outdoor objects, while protecting them from the elements: garden tools, outdoor cushions, beach towels, books … they also add character to your garden, and s ‘adapt to any type of space. The storage boxes are available in teak, woven resin, or lacquered aluminum, and can also be used as a bench to rest, or even as a trunk.

The choice of garden box is vast. There are models for all tastes, in different styles and sizes: large, small, medium. In just a few clicks, you can  buy a  trendy garden box that meets your needs. We especially recommend the chests that open on the top and in front, because they are very practical to use, and allow you to easily store various objects. Remember to check if the trunk is equipped with a lid retainer, to avoid pinching your fingers. There are also garden chests that can be locked for, more security and tranquility, and chests on wheels, which move more easily (depending on your desires and the seasons).

2. The alternative: storage cabinets.  Outdoor storage cabinets are a good alternative to garden chests, because they offer a large storage area, and also allow you to optimally store your various outdoor objects. The strong point of these pieces of furniture is the arrangement in shelves, thus allowing an arrangement of material by categories, or themes. Garden cabinets can be easily integrated into your outdoor space, for example against a wall, or used as partitions for different spaces. To store larger tools and equipment, go instead to designer garden sheds or shelters, such as those from this website.

3. The library: for reading in the open air.  Outdoor bookcases are very trendy and bring a beautiful Zen decorative effect in a garden or on a terrace. They will allow you to spend pleasant reading moments, especially in summer. Preferably choose a teak cabinet, with wheels, to move it easily, and swivel, for better comfort of use.

Other tips to organize your garden in the best possible way

Here are some simple tips to better organize your garden:

  • Sort by type of object, and not necessarily by location (DIY, gardening, leisure objects, decoration, etc.)
  • Anything that is not useful = throw away or give away! Only keep items that bring you happiness or that are useful to you
  • Everything in its place, a place for everything

Protect your furniture and outdoor objects

To protect your outdoor furniture, choose materials resistant to humidity and cold. Or just choose folding furniture that you can store indoors during the winter. Remember to take good care of natural materials, and to avoid prolonged exposure to humidity, cold and precipitation. Also pay close attention to storms and their gusts of wind, which can ruin a garden very quickly.

If you’ve set up a cozy corner with blankets, pillows, and a pretty tablecloth, store them all overnight in your garden box, or similar piece of furniture. After a gardening session, don’t forget to put away all your tools and products that you used, and that you will need soon: watering cans, fertilizer, plant supports, other gardening tools, etc. All of this can be easily stored in a suitable shelter.

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