Polaroid, a great brand of photography that evolves with the times

You’ve probably heard of the Polaroid brand or a Polaroid camera before. If not, you might be familiar with film photography which develops photos instantly. These devices were launched on the eve of WWII by the Polaroid camera brand. Even today, they are on the rise among photo enthusiasts. But how were the brand’s beginnings and where is it now?

A look back at the history of Polaroid cameras

The Polaroid brand was born in 1937. The brand’s first camera, the Polaroid 95 , was released by Edwin H. Land in 1948. The launch of this first camera marked a significant advance in emulsification technology.

Originally, Polaroid cameras only developed monochrome photos. It was not until 1963, just after the invention of the Polacolor film, that the quality of the photos was improved. Many evolutions then saw the light of day, in particular with the launch of the SX-70 system in 1972. This year saw the appearance of new models, lighter and with sensitive surfaces. Now users can enjoy instant development in broad daylight.

Over the years, the Polaroid brand has become popular with photography enthusiasts. It even made a place for itself in the medical field. Some professional photographers have also been won over by the technical prowess of the brand’s devices. The notoriety of Polaroid is therefore no longer to be proven.

Polacolor film for better quality photos

The president of the Polaroid Corporation of Cambridge had always marketed a monochrome per minute camera. In 1962, he announced the adaptation of this system to the Polacolor film. This new device is more complex and uses chemical principles.

In the new system, the negative consists of three double layers of emulsion. Each of them then comprises grains of silver halide with a layer of color developer. This complex system allowed users to enjoy instant color photo development. Until today, the brand has not stopped reinventing itself by offering camera models at the cutting edge of technology.

2008: a decisive turning point for Polariïd

Polaroid cameras have been very successful since their launch. But innovation in the field has impacted the sale of the brand. Indeed, digital photography has started to develop.

In 2007, Polaroid had to abandon production of its instant development devices . Its factories producing these camera models closed permanently in August 2008. Despite the cessation of production, photo enthusiasts are still interested in these older Polaroid models. Even today, many people are wondering where to buy a Polaroid to take advantage of the image quality of the brand’s cameras. The brand did not let it go so far. It experienced a renaissance in 2011 with the launch of new instant cameras and instant films. It even collaborates with Fujifilm for the marketing of the Polaroid P300 film. This is a licensed Fuji Mini Instax device.

Polaroid, acclaimed by renowned artists and photographers

The Polaroid brand has not only won over photography enthusiasts. Famous artists and photographers also began to use his cameras. In 1970, in the United States, Lucas Samaras relied on these cameras for his “photo-transformations”. He reworked the emulsion of the SX-70 films.

In 1980, David Hockney was won over by the prowess of the brand’s cameras. From these devices, he creates large-scale photomontages. The work called “joiners” is made up of several Polaroid images. That’s not all, since artist Andy Warhol also used the system for the preparation of his screen printing portraits. Finally, Robert Mapplethorpe, a famous photographer, has also bet on Polaroid.

A digital device with integrated printer

To take great photos, you now need an innovative camera. Polaroid is aware of this and has decided to launch its digital model. To face the competition while keeping its system (instant photo), the brand is developing a digital camera with an integrated printer . This new model is inspired by the design of the initial polaroid. It will then allow you to take good quality digital photos. You can select the one you like before printing it.

The advantage of this new model of Polaroid camera remains its ergonomics. It offers a good grip and benefits from a tilting screen. Like mobile applications, the device offers several filters. Among those offered are fisheye, candles, lomo and vintage.

The photos of this new generation Polaroid camera are of very good quality. They have all the options to take beautiful shots. In addition, this generation benefits from Zink technology. This allows you to print photos without ink. Indeed, everything is integrated in the photo paper.

The Polaroid Snap, the model that is currently being snapped up

Polaroid has never stopped innovating in the manufacture of its cameras. Today, his Polaroid Snap model is snapping up in stores. For good reason, it has all the options to take great photos. This model is equipped with a trigger making it easier to take pictures. With a resolution of 10 megapixels, the Polaroid digital camera delivers crisp photos and beautiful images. You can even insert an SD card to save your best photos. It is also possible to rent a Polaroid for an event such as a wedding, a Bachelor Party, etc.

Like the brand’s recent models, the Polaroid Snap takes advantage of Zink printing technology. It is possible to instantly print photos water resistant and tear .

The biggest advantage of this model is its display. Indeed, Polaroid has rectified the situation and now offers the possibility of viewing photos before printing. In addition, the design is compact, which allows a better grip. The quality of the photos is no longer to be specified since the brand lives up to its reputation. The photos are obviously self-adhesive so you can hang them anywhere. Regarding autonomy, the Polaroid Snap model is recharged by micro USB.

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