Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2021 Full Episode

Shrishti calls Preeta and informs her of Sherlyn’s move. She tells him that although Sherlyn has apologized, Preeta needs to be careful. She alerts Preeta. Preeta worries about the plot against her. Shrishti wants her to take care of herself. Karan asks Shrishti to disconnect the call and talk to Preeta later, until she wants to be with Preeta. Karan and Preeta have fun waiting to be good parents.

Karan wants to give a lot of love to Preeta and her future babies. Learn the correct way to swing the cot. He thanks Preeta for showing him the new cricket. Preeta wonders how Sherlyn can think of committing such a crime. Mahesh and Bani are happy that the babies are coming soon. Sherlyn doesn’t see Preeta around. She plans to lie to the elders that she made all breakfast for the family. He wants to take credit for the work. She tells him that she wants to take care of Preeta.

She takes the juice for Bani. Preeta gets there and asks Bani not to drink the juice which contains a lot of sugar. Cover up Sherlyn’s lie for the peace of the family. He doesn’t want anyone to know the truth about Sherlyn. Karan rushes for breakfast and rushes to his practice. Sherlyn wonders why Preeta lied and saved her. A new girl enters the world of Preeta and Karan. She throws a ball at Karan, which Preeta catches in time. Karan does not recognize the girl. The girl tells them that she came just to meet Karan.

Karan teases her. Their friendship soon realizes Preeta. Karan introduces the family to his college friend, Sonakshi, also known as Sona. Kritika is also friends with Sona. Sona brings happiness to the family. Karan tells them about Sona’s tomboy appearance in the past. Sona says Karan has always been interested in her. Karan asks him not to joke in front of Preeta. Sona clarifies the misunderstanding. She says she’s just Karan’s good friend. She reveals her secrets.

Sona tells her that Preeta has the right to know everything about her husband. Bani and Kritika ask Sona not to shoot Karan’s leg. Karan defends that he has always been a sincere boy. Sona talks about Karan’s attitude. Sona finds Preeta and Karan’s relationship sweet. Preeta tells him that she knows Karan was a big flirt, that he had also seen some of his girlfriends, but he has changed now, he has become a loving and big hearted husband. She praises Karan. Sona loves the super cool Preeta. Rakhi and Kareena also know Sona and love her new look. Sherlyn is introduced as Rishabh’s wife.

Sona says she is very happy to meet Preeta. Sherlyn wants attention. He misses to see Preeta win praise again. Sona invites the Luthras to her wedding. The family congratulates her. Karan says that he runs the business in Rishabh’s absence, that he also has to take care of Preeta and her family. He says it is not possible to attend the wedding in Lonavala. Sona says she won’t get married if Luthras doesn’t come. He hopes that Rakhi will play his mother’s role in his marriage. He sees his family in Luthras.

Rakhi tells Sona that they are tired of the celebrations, it was Bani’s birthday, they cannot travel at the moment. Sona asks Bani to attend her wedding to receive an incredible gift from her. Bani agrees to attend the wedding. Bani orders the family to come and attend the wedding. Karan and the whole family agree to attend the wedding. Sona asks them to be on time. The family hopes to be able to attend the wedding. Preeta tells Karan that Sona is really cute. Sherlyn vent her anger as she remembers how Preeta wins hearts. Preeta humbly warns Sherlyn not to hurt her babies.

He doesn’t want to see the injured family. She tells him that the family is Sherlyn’s too, that they love Sherlyn too, that Sherlyn should respect her love and forget about the past. She asks them to forget their struggles, their differences and their problems and start over. She asks Sherlyn to join her and be her friend. She tells him that together they can take care of the Luthra family. She asks Sherlyn to know that the family is going to hate her knowing his truth. What will Sherlyn choose now, peace or revenge? Keep reading.

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