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Is the Tediber mattress the best French mattress?

How do you choose the best mattress for restful sleep? This is the question we all ask ourselves when the time comes to change your bedding.

Tediber is a very popular brand today for the quality of its products. We therefore wanted to analyze the different Tediber mattress opinions for you , and answer the question: is the Tediber mattress the best French mattress?

Peaceful sleep = less worry and stress

In 2021, nearly 4 in 10 French people say they suffer from sleep disorders. These disorders, the best known of which is insomnia, can have unfortunate consequences on health and on our good mood.
Good sleep on the other hand gives us the energy necessary to face the day ahead, and to recover from the efforts of the day before.

A good idea is to opt for a memory foam mattress . This type of foam is an amazing invention that has changed the way many people sleep. The foam follows the shape of the body, it adapts to your morphology. This means that your head, hips and legs have better support during the night. Your spine is thus kept properly aligned while you sleep. In other words, you will sleep in a much more comfortable position, which will allow you to rest your legs, abdomen and neck, and enjoy restful and healthy sleep.

Be careful, however, not to choose a 100% shape memory mattress, because in a thick layer, it is a material that you sink into. It prevents smooth movements at night and can also make you very hot. It is necessary to privilege the shape memory in thin layer, associated with another type of foam.

The Tediber mattress

The Tediber mattress (made in France and Belgium) combines 3 materials designed to provide quality restful sleep:

  1. The welcome foam, which regulates the temperature and provides a soft welcome
  2. Memory foam, which distributes pressure points and gives the body a feeling of lightness
  3. High density Tediber foam, which provides firmness and support

The vast majority of Tediber reviews show a significant improvement in sleep after just a few days of use. The feeling described by the users who took the test was a feeling of rest.

The quality of Tediber lies essentially in the judicious choice of its components and that it is one of the rare mattresses at the same time firm and welcoming , designed to adapt to all types of dreamers . The cover is in Tencel , a fabric made with eucalyptus fiber, usually used in baby mattresses because it is mite-proof and hypoallergenic, but also soft and cool , even through the sheets.

The Tediber mattress can be purchased online atbiggboss15livehd, without an intermediary and at a very competitive price. The delivery is free and very fast. You can also visit the Tediber store located in the Marais, in the heart of Paris. A fun bedding shop where you can touch the materials, test the products and buy a Tediber mattress.

Tediber’s signature mattresses, pillows and duvets are not only high-end, but they also have a refined, brand-specific aesthetic. All these elements naturally make the Tediber mattress, one of the best mattresses available on the French market.

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