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Ironing: press the baton to your man!

Today more than ever, men share household chores with their spouses. Thus, cleaning, cooking, ironing… are no longer the prerogative of women. Many devices now help couples and transform the usually grueling household chores into quick and easy activities. The steam generator is one of these revolutionary devices. Discover below the advantages that make it an essential daily tool.

Technical aspects of the steam generator: what do you need to know?

The steam generator is a more professional variant of the iron. It is an ironing device that has two parts: a water tank and a heating system that works like an iron. The autonomy of the device depends on the capacity of the tank. For example, a 1.2 liter tank gives the device an autonomy of one hour. Other technical characteristics of a professional quality steam generator are power, steam flow, pressure. These vary from one model of steam generator to another. In fact, the higher the power of the device, the more efficient and effective it will be.. The efficiency of ironing is also linked to the steam flow. The higher the achievable throughput, the better. It is the same for the pressure of the steam generator. Pressure is essential for steam to penetrate the fabric for complete elimination of creases and wrinkles. The sole of the central as for it influences the comfort during ironing.

The steam generator: an asset for sharing household chores

The steam generator is much more versatile than the classic iron. Therefore, it is the ideal device to entrust ironing to your man. Here are some of the main benefits.

Significant time savings

The steam generator, thanks to its increased performance, allows fast and efficient ironing . You only need to pass one side of a garment for the steam to pass through and iron it entirely. With this appliance, it is therefore no longer necessary to repeatedly iron the same spot on a fabric. Monsieur can therefore take care of his ironing in the blink of an eye before going to other occupations.

Smoothing out and quickly removing wrinkles

The steam generator smooths and removes wrinkles from clothes in the blink of an eye . It even works on very thick fabrics. In addition, a high steam pressure makes ironing difficult areas easier.

In addition, some steam generators are specially manufactured so as to be able to eliminate the microbes which are present on the clothes. These types of devices typically achieve a removal percentage of over 99%. This helps to decrease allergies.

Long battery life without load

Depending on the model, the steam generator can have limited or unlimited autonomy. In any case, its ability to hold for a long time allows a large amount of clothes to be ironed quickly . On the other hand, the more or less large capacity of the tank of the steam generator allows ironing for a long time without having to stop for its filling. Some models also allow you to fill the tank while ironing without having to stop the appliance.

Interesting additional functions

Most steam generators allow clothes to be smoothed vertically. This is very useful when you are surprised by the weather or when you do not want to take out your ironing board. The clothes can thus be ironed without being removed from their hanger.

Finally, steam generators are generally equipped with an automatic shut-off system which reduces the risk of burning clothes through inattention.

The steam generator is easy to operate and maintain

The steam generator is practical and easy to use. Its sole glides smoothly over fabrics, making ironing a pleasure. In addition, a steam generator is easy to maintain. With the built-in anti-lime system that some models come with, you don’t have to do almost anything to keep your device in good condition.

Using the steam generator in practice

To use your steam generator, first wipe the soleplate with a soft, lint-free cloth. Then fill the water tank and test the steam out for a few seconds. Set the thermostat to the temperature you need to transform the water into steam and run the appliance over a piece of cloth to make sure that it is operating at its best. If everything is correct, then you can proceed with the actual ironing.

In short, the steam generator is an ergonomic and easy-to-use device that makes ironing clothes accessible to everyone at home. This is the device you need to pass the baton to your man in the context of sharing household chores in the couple .

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