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How to set up an office and a workspace efficiently?

Organizing a well-thought-out work area at home may be necessary for several reasons: your teleworking activity requires it, you have decided to adopt for a new lifestyle, you want to develop a new skill, continue or resume your studies, or in general, be more productive during your working hours. In this article, we will give you some tips to organize the space that is available in your home, in order to create an efficient workspace.


The desk will be the centerpiece of your workspace, and choosing a style that works for you will go a long way to changing the way you enjoy your working hours. If you are looking for an ideal compromise between quality, design and price, an office from Maisons du Monde will be ideal for you. All styles and sizes are available on their website, so you can choose the perfect desk for your work area. To do this, ask yourself if this piece of furniture will be practical for your activity and if its design corresponds to the decoration you want in the room. If it has little space, choose a corner desk or a secretary in order to store and classify more easily.

The location

The first question to ask yourself is if you can create a fixed space dedicated to work only, or if this space will be a place shared with other activities, or will be temporary. The furniture and the organization of the room will be chosen accordingly. For those who are short on space, for example, you can simply organize a small nook on the dining table, with your office things stored nearby.

The work area can be organized in the guest bedroom, and in this case, a suitable desk and chair is enough to create a perfect workplace. If the room has a window, it should be to your right or left, when you are sitting in front of your computer, but never in front or behind. The other basic tip is convenient access to electricity.

In the living room, if there is usually no place for a desk, some solutions with space-saving furniture can be adopted. In addition to the folding tables, there is also the idea of ​​the trestles and the tray to improvise a real table.

The office chair

The seat that you will use during your working hours at home is very important: it will prevent you from certain pain and allow you to focus better on the work at hand. Conventional chairs are unfortunately not suitable for those who have to sit at a desk for many hours. An increasingly popular alternative, also in the professional environment, is that of workstations where one remains standing, at least at times. This style of work requires a certain height which could be that of a counter in the kitchen, and some cupboards could also adapt.

Otherwise, there are office chairs that offer a style that is perfect for home environments. Another possibility is to transform your chairs using an ergonomic backrest, easily available online or in stores.

Lighting and decoration

The lighting is another fundamental aspect for the establishment of an optimal location, both so as not to cause eye fatigue, and also to maintain the right concentration. In addition to natural light, to be modulated using a light curtain to obtain a more pleasant effect, it is useful to have two other light sources: ambient light, typically that of ceiling lights, and one with a lamp swivel desk.

Decorating with plants can help with concentration and well-being, which are essential for a good job (there are several types, perfect for an office). A thermos is an essential accessory to always have fresh water on hand, or coffee, without having to get up to refill.

And when it comes to home automation, voice assistants can be very useful, for turning lights on and off, and also for making calls and making appointments.

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