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How to find a babysitter in the emergency?

Finding a nanny at the last minute can be a real cross for parents. However, there are many ways to find someone to look after the children. However, to have access to quality service despite the urgency of the situation, it is important to refine the results of your research. A job that takes up precious time that you may not have. Fortunately, some companies can deal with this situation quickly and efficiently. Here are some tips to help find an emergency babysitter.

Contact a network of nanny agencies

This is one of the best ways to find a babysitter in a hurry. Going through a network of nanny agencies is the guarantee of finding the ideal babysitter . Indeed, these structures generally bring together the best childcare agencies. You will thus benefit from many advantages, including the possibility of finding an agency near you. For example, if you live in Gironde, childcare agencies offer you the possibility of calling a babysitter in Bordeaux to come and take care of your children .

No direct engagement with the nanny

When you hire a nanny, you are responsible for managing the legal, financial and practical acts related to this recruitment. As an employer, you therefore bear all the responsibility for this job. If you make a mistake on his payslip or on his statement, for example, you could get into legal trouble. When you are looking for an emergency babysitter, all of these formalities could also cost you precious time.

By going through a network of nanny agencies, you therefore avoid having to engage directly with the person who will come and take care of your children. You are therefore fully protected in the event of a problem relating to these procedures. Your sole task will be limited to ensuring that the nanny is employed by the agency contacted .

You use a registered nanny

The network of nanny agencies puts you in direct contact with a childcare agency. As we have just pointed out, these agencies take care of the administrative formalities related to the hiring of a childminder. They also take care of all the terms of his contract. Thanks to this intermediary, all these formalities are spared you.

The nanny sent to you to look after your children will also be a registered nanny . In addition to having a babysitter that meets your needs and requirements, you can be sure that you are complying with the rules in force, that is to say that you avoid making someone work “illegally”.

You benefit from financial and tax assistance

By using a childcare agency, you will be entitled to certain aids which can considerably reduce costs. As part of the PAJE (childcare benefit for young children), the State grants aid to parents who call on a childminder to look after their children. This is the free choice of childcare system (CMG) supplement .

These aids depend largely on the age of the children to be looked after. To have access to it, several conditions must be respected by the parents. Parents who choose childcare agencies to find a nanny can also benefit from help from their business. It should be noted in passing that the amount of this aid can go up to 1,830 euros per year . The pension fund or your mutual insurance company can also finance the remuneration of your nanny through a universal service employment check (CESU).

In some cases, the municipality or department in which you live may set up local aid to help you pay your nanny. This is for example the Papado allowance if you live in the Paris region and the Bébédom92 allowance if your home is located in Hauts-de-Seine.

By using an intermediary, you have the assurance of finding an agency that offers certified nannies available at all times , and which at the same time offers quality services. Which is perfect when you are looking for an emergency qualified person to babysit your children.

Other ways to find a nanny in an emergency

Some childminders do not go through a childcare agency to practice their profession. When you urgently need someone to look after your children, you also have the option of going through them. There are indeed several ways to find a nanny in an emergency, without necessarily going through a network of nanny agencies.

Consult the classifieds

There are platforms where you can view ads posted by nannies who are looking for a job for free. By consulting these ads, you may find a nanny near you and available immediately. On some sites, you have the option to place your ad as parents. List your needs and requirements and you can quickly get answers to your job offer.

Go through word of mouth

This medium always works to find the right person at the right time. Indeed, the ideal person to take care of your children may have already worked for your neighbors, a colleague or even a member of your family. When you are looking for a nanny on an emergency basis, all you have to do is get the message across . You’ll get recommendations quickly, especially if your loved ones also have children and often use babysitters to babysit them and keep them occupied by playing with them.

However, before you hire him, still take the time to check this background and conduct a proper interview. Indeed, a good experience with the neighbors’ children does not guarantee that it will necessarily be with your own.

Use the posters

These traditional practices have not yet disappeared. Far from there. All you have to do is take a walk in the local businesses to see that there is always a board where the announcements of the area are posted. Take advantage of these spaces to post your job advertisement . You can also place your ad in mailboxes in your neighborhood and in those in surrounding neighborhoods.

Use social networks

No one can ignore the power of social media. This is indeed a great way to get a message across and get results quickly. If you are looking for a nanny urgently, just place an ad in one of the many groups on Facebook, Whatsapp, Tiktok, Instagram, etc. While it’s easy to find the cheapest plumber, the best restaurant in the area, or the most efficient electrician, you can also find an emergency nanny to look after your children.

Today, it is quite possible to find a nanny in less than 24 hours. However, the urgency of the situation should not make you forget the essential, which is to find the person who best meets your needs, but also those of your children.

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