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Energy transition and renovation: where to start?

Energy renovation improves the comfort of the occupants of a home, while ensuring its sustainability. This is both acoustic comfort and thermal comfort. To be sure to benefit from such well-being, it is essential to know the different stages that allow the work to be carried out in the right conditions in order to obtain better results. Find out about the different steps for a successful energy renovation of your home as well as the different aids you can benefit from.

Energy renovation: start with an inventory

To succeed in the energy transition and renovation of your home, it is important to first carry out an energy performance diagnosis . This study makes it possible to identify and understand the energy consumption of the home and to set up the various works to be carried out in order to improve its energy performance.

In fact, owners today have the obligation to display the energy performance of the home in rental and sales advertisements. It is therefore a decisive argument in the decision to rent or buy customers. The energy diagnosis also allows homeowners to plan work in a well-defined order. The energy status of your home can be provided to you by energy renovation specialists such as Hellio.com , a company that supports you in carrying out the work and in mobilizing funding.

Insulation work: a priority in energy renovation

The first thing to do to strengthen the thermal envelope and improve the energy consumption of your home is to carry out the insulation work. Indeed, limiting heat loss can be really useful, because it allows to lower your energy bills on the one hand, and to preserve the state of the planet, on the other hand. Several parts of your home may be subject to insulation work.

Insulation of the attic

In terms of thermal insulation, it is always advisable to start with the roof, because this is an important item of heat loss . According to some studies, nearly 30% of a home’s heat escapes through the attic, allowing cold air to invade all areas of the home. Insulating the attic is therefore the priority to consider when you want to carry out energy renovation work.

Regarding the nature of the insulation work , it all depends on the characteristics of your attic. Indeed, the materials used, as well as the insulation technique, will depend on whether it is empty or lost attic, or inhabited attic. The inhabited roof spaces will be insulated either from the outside, using the so-called “sarking” technique, or from the inside, generally behind the cemented counter-partition. The method used in this case is “insufflation isolation”.

Wall insulation

After insulation of the attic, that of the walls of your home should be the second project to consider in terms of energy renovation. As for the roof, the goal of the work is to keep in your house 20% of the heat that escapes through the walls. Two solutions are available to you. You can insulate the walls from the outside or insulate from the inside.

With regard to thermal insulation from the outside (ITE), it is generally carried out during facade refurbishment operations. It consists of installing insulation (wood fiber panels, expanded polystyrene panels, etc.) on the exterior wall of the home. It is certainly considered the most expensive operation, but it is also the most effective for thermal insulation of your home. Coupled with a facelift, it also gives a more recent aspect to your home.

Thermal insulation from the inside (ITI) consists in installing an insulation (wood wool, mineral wool, etc.) directly on a framework or behind a counter-partition of the dwelling. As for the attic, insulation from the inside can be achieved by insufflation.

Window and floor insulation

The thermal insulation of the house does not stop at that of the walls and the attic. You should also pay special attention to the windows and sashes in your home, as well as the floor. Indeed, windows and openings represent between 10 and 15% of heat loss , while 7 to 10% of energy waste in housing comes from poor insulation of the floor.

To limit air infiltration, it is advisable to choose French windows or more efficient windows. The most recent thermal regulations (RT 2020) recommend opting for double glazing in order to obtain optimal thermal comfort and thus limit energy waste. As for the insulation of the floors, the installation of insulating panels on the ceiling of the garage or the cellar located under the dwelling can be a good solution to keep the heat inside the dwelling.

The installation of a modern and efficient heating system

Energy renovation also involves improvement work, more specifically work on heating equipment. Indeed, the implementation of a modern and efficient heating system is essential to reduce your energy costs. To carry out your energy renovation work, there are generally three main installation systems.

You can install a gas condensing boiler , also called a very high energy performance boiler . It is the most suitable system to benefit from optimal thermal comfort in your home. It is also ideal for real energy savings, as it consumes around 20% less than traditional boilers. In addition, the condensing boiler can also be used to produce domestic hot water.

You also have the option of installing a heat pump for an energy renovation of your home. This hybrid solution mainly uses renewable energies (air, water, geothermal energy) to diffuse heat inside your home. This contributes to reducing your energy consumption by up to 50%.

Finally, the energy renovation of your home can also involve the installation of a wood stove . Ecological, wood represents a renewable energy and an economical and very efficient source of heating. Indeed, it is the cheapest heating solution, according to recent studies carried out by ADEME (ecological transition agency).

Among the other heating systems that you can install during the energy renovation of your home, we can also mention the thermodynamic water heater . If this solution is used less in homes, it is partly because it is a major source of investment for homes. However, this device often pays for itself quickly, as it cuts hot water expenses in half.

Energy renovation: aid and subsidies

The cost of energy renovation work can quickly turn out to be high. Fortunately, there are a few solutions to help lower the bill. The French authorities have in fact set up numerous aids and subsidies to encourage households to renovate their homes with energy.

MyPrimeRenov ‘

Generalized in October 2020, it brings together two former main aids which made it possible to finance your energy renovation work : the “Living Better Agility” aid offered by the National Agency for the Improvement of the Habitat (ANAH) and the Credit d ‘Energy Transition Tax (CITE). Formerly reserved for very modest incomes, this aid has merged to become MaPrimeRénov ‘, now accessible to all households. The calculation of the amount of this assistance generally takes into account the monthly household income and the amount of renovation work.

The Monexpert energy bonus

This is an aid available to landlords or occupants, as well as to tenants who wish to carry out energy renovation work in their housing. Paid by fuel sellers or energy suppliers , the amount of the energy premium depends on your place of residence, your level of resources and the size of your renovation project.

The zero-rate eco-loan

Intended for homeowners, the zero-rate eco-loan allows you to finance your energy renovation work , benefiting from an amount of up to 30,000 euros, without having to pay interest. The repayment of this loan can be made over 15 years. It is granted by banking establishments that have signed an agreement with the State.

Local aid and subsidies

In addition to financial aid granted by the State, you can also benefit from certain subsidies from your local authority. These aids depend on the locality in which your accommodation is located. To get an idea of ​​these aids, just check with your town hall.

Carrying out energy renovation work is generally an excellent initiative that allows you to benefit from more comfort in your home, while preserving the environment . However, before you start the work, it is advisable to call on a specialized company to ensure the success of your project.

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