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Emma mattress: which one to choose for a stress-free sleep?

Quickly spread in Europe, Emma mattresses are recognized as high quality products available at very competitive prices. Each year and in many countries, they win first place in independent rankings (for example product of the year, UFC best choice than to choose…). We know that sleeping well depends on many factors: the hours we devote to our rest, our degree of stress, the environment around us but also above all the mattress we choose. For example, if you wake up in the morning with a mild back pain that passes within a few minutes, it is most likely due to your mattress. Are Emma mattresses capable of providing a solution to your sleeping problems? How to choose them?

Criteria for choosing a good mattress

Before purchasing an Emma mattress, it’s a good idea to consult expert reviews on the brand that will walk you through everything you need to know before you get started.

Another important thing to know is the list of general criteria that define a good mattress. In general, a good mattress allows you to release the pressure accumulated during the day, to sleep peacefully and not to stress your back. The choice of mattress is therefore fundamental for your health and well-being. The right product is the one that suits your needs and your habits.

1. Your body type

The first criterion for choosing a mattress is your physical constitution. This is because support needs are different depending on a person’s weight and height. The mattress should not be too hard or too soft to keep the spine straight and thus prevent back pain. For people with recurring back problems, a little harder support is recommended. The hardness of a mattress varies depending on the size of the individual’s body. To learn more about firmness levels, you can click here. The number of springs will not be the same depending on your weight either.

2. The size of the mattress

Which mattress size to choose will be determined by your height and how much space you have in the room. The standard size of a single mattress is 90 × 190 cm. If you are taller than average, it will be better to choose a length of 200cm. For a 2-person mattress, the standard dimensions are 160 × 190 and 170 × 200. But there are many sizes available in online stores like the Emma brand.

To choose a mattress that is the right size, it should be at least six to eight inches wider and longer than your height. If your sleeping space is too small, your comfort will be sacrificed and goodbye to a good night’s sleep.

3. Comfort

Basically here, the more layers the mattress has, the more comfortable the mattress will be. Comfort will also depend on other technological characteristics such as springs and material. The appreciation of the comfort of a mattress will therefore vary from person to person.

4. Anti-mite and antibacterial treatment

Before buying a mattress, check if it has undergone anti-mite and antibacterial treatment to prevent allergies, asthma or eczema.

5. Mattress technology

The technology or suspension of a mattress is the heart of the mattress. It is the main element in maintaining your body and your spine. There are 4 technologies: foam, latex, pocket springs and memory foam. Again, the choice will depend on your taste.

The Emma touch

The Emma mattress is one of the benchmarks for universal mattresses. It is very comfortable, durable, and allows you to benefit from a restful sleep, effective in getting rid of the stress accumulated during the day. This product adapts to all body types and is also appreciated by people with back pain, both upper and lower, and other problems related to the vertebrae.

The Emma Original mattress , the brand’s flagship product, is made up of three main layers of foam: the innovative Airgocell® foam which allows the air flow to cool the body, the memory foam layer which provides optimal relief of pressure and adapts to the shape of your body and the polyurethane foam which is the base and the support of the mattress.

The other two types of mattresses from the brand are very similar in terms of quality, with some nuances.

The Emma O2 model has been designed for better mattress breathability and greater flexibility. It benefits from a thermoregulatory and elastic cover, a new generation Airgocell® foam, a viscoelastic foam and optimal technological support.

Finally, the Emma Hybrid mattress , as its name suggests, is intended to be a perfect compromise between the two models briefly presented above. It consists of a thermoregulatory and elastic cover, Airgocell® Emma foam, viscoelastic memory foam and pocket spring technology.

For us, all three models are of excellent quality, and the final choice depends only on your expectations and the budget you are willing to put in. The shopping experience on Emma’s site is quick and easy. A few clicks are all it takes to buy your mattress in complete safety and in addition to free delivery you are entitled to a 100-day trial. If you are still not satisfied with the product after this trial period, you can request a refund at any time!

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