Designer sofas: trendy models for an elegant living room in 2021

If the trends in furniture and decoration may change over the years, the quality sofa remains the fundamental element to furnish living rooms, entrances and even bedrooms in homes.

According to interior experts, the sofa is the first thing to choose if you want to redesign your living room. Every year, manufacturers and decorators redefine the major trends in furniture design. It only remains to determine which style most closely matches your ideas of comfort and lifestyle.

The 3 key trends for modern sofas in 2021

In 2021 more than ever, relaxation, tranquility, a feeling of security, harmony with oneself and with others should be the sensations sought for in one’s home environment.

In our research, we came across the sofa and armchair offer made, whose trendy products correspond perfectly to these concepts. Here are the characteristics of some of their trendy products:

  • Rounded lines – Although peculiar, angular and sometimes complex geometric shapes are still popular in the spirit of a loft-style and high-tech interior, designers have noticed a new trend for some time, characterized by a significant softening of contours of the furniture. This effect brings warmth to your home, and more comfort with rounded armrests and softer backrests. Well placed in a living room, the atmosphere becomes more peaceful, and the model with rounded lines also has the advantage of coexisting perfectly with most other decorative styles.
  • Modularity – We must not lose sight of the main objective of the sofa, which remains the ability to offer maximum comfort to its users. Today, the major furniture manufacturers offer a lot of very interesting options that go in this direction.
  • Vintage – In 2021, a somewhat unexpected trend emerged in interior design: interest in vintage furniture and decor. It surely comes from a feeling of nostalgia for old, solid, authentic and elegant interiors. Choosing a period style sofa is a great way to express yourself and show your openness to culture and the world. We know that it can be very difficult (and expensive) to find authentic period furniture, but modern manufacturers offer styles of sofas that are close to those that were made in the early and mid-century of the last century.

Models that are on the rise

In line with the major trends mentioned above, we present to you some models that stand out from the others in 2021.

This is the case, for example, with the Chesterfield sofas with its high rounded armrests and its textured upholstery in dark and rich colors. These products are relevant today not only for classic interiors (for which they were created), but also for more modern and daring living rooms.

Another type of fashionable furniture, sofas in the spirit of the 20s, with a high rigid backrest and armrests forming a single line with the latter. Today, designers manage to create furniture of this type that adapts equally well to classic atmospheres as to rustic and eclectic interiors.

Models with minimal proportions, with small armrests and a characteristic curvature of the backrest are also very popular. With this kind of sofas or armchairs, you can create styles such as retro, Scandinavian and modern.

Finally, there is also a craze for high-tech sofas, for more sophisticated comfort with their many revolutionary options: electrically adjustable backrests, armrests and footrests, swivel and folding mechanisms to adapt the sofa to your needs, control of the parameters. from the sofa via smartphone, connectors for USB cable, heated seats, massage of the lumbar region …

The colors and materials of the most popular sofas in 2021

In general, for an elegant and modern living room, think rather simplicity, lightness, harmony and sobriety.

For your future sofa, you can, for example, look for wooden elements in the decoration of the armrests and bases, metal inserts: chrome, steel, brass and even copper, metal rivets highlighting the lines of the furniture, or more contrasting inserts in color and texture.

In terms of colors, the trends are more in mustard, gold, different shades of gray, emerald, navy blue or sapphire, vintage pink, minimalist white or mauve.

The goal is to obtain a living room with a luminous, light, welcoming rendering. Minimalism and freshness combined with authenticity will make your interior a real haven of peace.

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