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Connected home: what are the latest innovations for the outdoors?

Home automation is at the service of your comfort and well-being. This technology allows you to spend pleasant moments in your garden or on your terrace. The solutions offered by home automation tend in particular to limit the risks of domestic accidents, in particular when the lighting is insufficient or non-existent. Home automation guarantees your security by reinforcing your devices against any intrusion attempt. More generally, it improves the comfort of your home and its exteriors. Discover in this article the latest innovations to have a connected garden.

Connected swimming pool: the advantages of technological innovations

Technological innovations are not reserved for the interior of homes, it is indeed possible to consider a home automation solution for your swimming pool , in particular to benefit from a considerable saving of time in terms of pool maintenance . At the same time, you make significant savings on your energy bill.

The essential connected pool robot

The connected pool robot is an essential accessory to keep your pool clean at all times. It effectively cleans your pool thanks to its robustness, its high impact resistance, its large basin and the features it generally has.

The connected swimming pool robot has the particularity of being configurable remotely, in this case automatic switching on and off. This device is mainly used in summer, but also before covering the pool at the end of the season. The robot also makes it possible to clean the basin at the end of the rainy season. This equipment is characterized by its ease of use, because it is enough to put it in the water in the morning. The data collected can be viewed at any time. It is possible for you to change the program during the day so that the swimming pool is impeccable in the evening. In the evening, you just have to clean and empty the bin.

The connected pool assistant

Voice assistants are gaining popularity because of their convenience. They have even become essential home automation accessories on a daily basis , considerably simplifying the lives of their users. There are assistants specially dedicated to the swimming pool sector. They frequently analyze the quality of the water in the pool using the various sensors of the pool robot . They allow you to know without moving and in real time the data related to water treatment, filtration, lighting, heating, pH regulation, salt electrolysis, control. ORP, at air temperature and water temperature.

These data show you the necessary interventions to ensure the cleanliness of your swimming pool. The robot also helps you to control water consumption by taking into account bioclimatic factors. As for the complete monitoring tool and the history of events, they optimize the preventive maintenance of the basin.

Robot lawn mower: the ideal ally for an impeccable garden

This high-performance robot embeds the latest technological innovations. Its main mission is to mow the lawn with precision without the need for human intervention and in complete autonomy . Thanks to its size and dimensions, this device fits everywhere. It is even possible to access areas that are relatively difficult for a conventional mower. You can program it in order to preserve the plantations and the beds. The finely cut herbs remain on the ground and thus serve as a natural nutrient. This considerable advantage thus prevents you from having to get rid of vegetable waste.

The ultra-quiet motor of the robotic lawnmower allows you to turn it on at any time. You avoid the risk of disturbing the neighbors, even when you activate it at night. It has the advantage of being entirely autonomous. You can fully enjoy your weekends and your moments of relaxation. The remote control can thus operate in your absence. You find a well-tended garden on your return, saving you a relatively painful chore.

The characteristics of a good robotic lawnmower

The choice of a robotic lawnmower should be based on the area and configuration of the garden. You have to take into account nooks and crannies, slope, uneven surfaces, narrow passages, curbs, obstacles, stairs, water point and flower beds.

The basic robot model is suitable for simple gardens. Otherwise, it is better to invest in a more efficient device for the maintenance of a more complex space. In all cases, opt for equipment capable of mowing in parallel strips. Thanks to the battery life, you will enjoy one to two hours of mowing. Charging time will also be quick, since it will last around three hours. The vacuum detector will prevent the robot from falling down the stairs. The grass presence sensors will optimize the U-turn if it ends up on a slab. Rain sensors will prevent mowing the lawn when it is wet. Wet grass would make the garden unsightly and could damage the blades.

There are also sensors to prevent unsafe handling. A child risks inadvertently lifting it, thinking it is a toy. In this case, you will immediately receive an alert on your smartphone . You can then switch off the engine to avoid any domestic accident.

The principle of operation of the robotic lawnmower

The most common models require the installation of perimeter cables buried in the ground. They are used to delimit the areas to be treated. They also make it possible to define obstacles. They serve as a guide for the robot to easily reach its charging station.

There are also devices without peripheral cables. Their handling is relatively simple. To use them optimally, it is important to respect certain conditions. The hedges and the flower beds bordering the garden must be high enough. These natural boundaries will prevent your robotic lawnmower from going to the neighbors. They also limit the risk of spoilage of your flowers. Some models have an anti-theft system . As soon as they leave your property, you receive an SMS notification.

Smart watering: an ever-green garden

The connected sprinkler system requires the installation of a buried or surface network. It guarantees good plant growth. This device combines the strengths of artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. It has a programmer intended to optimize the use of water in order to avoid any waste. It also has solenoid valve controllers, soil moisture probes, weather station and water meter connected.

The intelligent system adapts to natural conditions and different circumstances, including the water requirements of the plants. Measuring the moisture content in the soil prevents watering in rainy weather. Sensors detect any water leaks in the network. They also allow the identification of faulty elements.

Lighting: automation of the outdoor network

Lighting in the outdoor area is synonymous with safety and comfort. This will prevent you from crossing the garden in the dark after parking your car. The luminaires are useful for marking out narrow paths. You can get around obstacles more easily or find your keys easily to enter your home.

There are fully autonomous lighting models that charge using solar energy. This home automation solution is particularly interesting because it allows you to reduce your energy consumption. Thanks to technological innovations, you can now also opt for bulbs equipped with a presence detector. They always light up in the event of movement nearby.

Smart lighting also offers endless possibilities depending on your needs and desires. Thanks to the twilight sensors, the lighting switches on and off automatically according to the daily cycle of the sun. You can control your lighting via voice assistants . They are a great alternative to remote controls and mobile apps.

Bulbs with an integrated camera enhance the security of your property. You have different angles of view in case of suspicious movement or when the alarm goes off. Some lighting models also have speakers, allowing you to intimidate intruders. These home automation features are very useful when you need to be away from home.

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