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4 simple tips for choosing a trendy dining table

Are you looking for the perfect dining table for your home? The table indeed plays a crucial role in the dining room, because in addition to its usefulness, it strongly contributes to create a comfortable and harmonious environment. A table is the central element of the dining room, and the choice of other furniture, decoration and accessories is often made accordingly. So today we offer you 4 tips for choosing the perfect table for your home in terms of comfort and functionality.

1 – Think about the use you are going to give it

Will you be using your Dining Table daily for lunch and dinner only? Will it need to be versatile because you’ll be working on it every now and then or because your kids will be using it for homework? Do you plan to organize dinners with many guests or with small groups of friends? Either way, you will need a table that is very practical, elegant and suitable for your lifestyle.

2 – The right material

It is essential to choose the material of the dining table according to the use to which it will lend itself. For example, in the case of a table on which you will eat every day, you will necessarily have to choose resistant and easy-to-maintain materials. Solid wood or tables with special treatments that make the furniture more resistant and durable can be good solutions. Glass or materials that do not require demanding maintenance are preferred if you will only use your table sporadically.

3 – Choose the perfect table shape for you

Take into account the space available to you, and your personal tastes:

Rectangular tables. or square: this is the most popular type of table. They adapt quite easily to almost any type of room and can accommodate several guests in a fairly comfortable and spacious way.

Round tables: these tables promote proximity, reduce the distances between the guests and invite interaction.

Oval tables. Halfway between round and rectangular tables, oval tables stand out with rounded, elegant edges that soften the atmosphere of a room. They are very useful in tight spaces.

 4- The style

For trendy dining tables, choose rather dark tones like dark wood, or models with elegant contrasts like there are in the Scandinavian style. We prefer rounded shapes, for their softness and elegance. If you prefer a square or rectangular shape, take a look at the minimalist “Japandi” style models.

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